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Mickey Mouse themed castle cake.

Posted by Laura W on 6th Feb 2018

Over the years we have made many versions of our Fairy Castle birthday cakes. The classic design was one of the very first that our creative director, Steve Howard, added to our collection, where it’s remained ever since!


This particular version makes use of bright and bold primary colours to compliment the Mickey Mouse theme. The Clubhouse characters on the cake include Minnie, Goofy, Daisy and Donald. The castle consists of two tiers of cake topped with towering turrets and a fun flag.

Of course, Mickey Mouse has sustained huge popularity amongst children since his first appearance 89 years ago, but the introduction of the Disney Channel’s Clubhouse series in 2006 put him at the forefront for a whole new generation. The educational programmes show Mickey and his friends solving problems using basic maths skills and the Mousekedoer, a giant Mickey’s head shaped computer!

On Saturday, our driver who delivers our cakes in Battersea and the surrounding areas ensured that this one arrived safely for Lorcan’s 4th birthday celebrations. Happy 4th Birthday Lorcan! We hope you had a great day. 

You can order your Mickey's Castle Cake, here, or a Fairy Castle Cake, here.