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  • Recent Celebrity Cakes
    19th Apr 2018

    Recent Celebrity Cakes

    Happy 40th Birthday Myleene! Myleene Klass has been one of our top shoppers for many years

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  • Why Chocolate at Easter?
    10th Mar 2018

    Why Chocolate at Easter?

    It all started with a humble egg. The egg has, throughput history been a symbol of 'rebirth' an

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  • KFC! What no Chicken?
    23rd Feb 2018

    KFC! What no Chicken?

    The Cake Store are pleased to inform it's customers that we have not run out of ingredients to ma

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  • Bespoke drip cake for a baby shower!
    6th Feb 2018

    Bespoke drip cake for a baby shower!

    Biased I might be, but how beautiful is this baby shower drip cake?! Coated in baby blue sugar pas

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